In this week's TV roundup, the premiere of GCB, Springfield is Westeros in The Simpsons opening titles, the most awkward serenade on Smash and the return of an old young nemesis on 30 Rock.

1.) The first official preview for Community Season 3.5
Six seasons and a movie. We got this.

2.) A death by road head sets the tone for GCB.
And it happened in the first three minutes.

3.) The Simpsons pays homage to Game of Thrones.
Ned "Flanders" Stark?

4.) Leslie is drunk on air on Parks & Recreation.
Jesus, Sean Hayes. Girl needed to let off a little steam. Give her a break.

5.) Nick has a cancer scare on New Girl.
And he's taking his fears out on Jess. Also, Schmidt rapping.

6.) Jack's teenage nemesis is back and craftier than ever on 30 Rock.
Poor Fat Vicky.

7.) Kumail Nanjiani does standup on Conan.
Kumail is great, you guys. Let's make him very famous.

8.) Stephen Colbert sings "Good Old Mountain Dew" with Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello and Don Fleming.
What a crew.

9.) Watching this seduction on Smash is like watching the most awkwardly sung train wreck in the history of time.
As a lover of musicals and Angelica Huston, I should really be enjoying Smash, but this? Oy. Just...oy.

10.) Jon Hamm is the father of Snooki's baby.
Lindsay Lohan's SNL was rough, but we did get a couple of great Hamm appearances. She can come back anytime as long as she promises to bring him with her.