In this week's TV roundup, Ben gets some competition for best campaign manager in Pawnee on Parks and Rec, Jackie Collins and Oprah take a very 80's limo ride, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model gets freaky with some bread and meat and Taylor Kitsch is still beautiful beautiful Taylor Kitsch.

1.) Leslie Knope's opponent Bobby Newport gets a new campaign manager and, boy, is she good.
Also, Joe Biden is number one on Leslie's sex list and this is the best.

2.) Here's a video from the 80's of Oprah and Jackie Collins riding around in a limo.
It's everything you hoped it would be.

3.) Jimmy Kimmel's Movie: The Movie
No one can get a celebrity turnout like Jimmy Kimmel can. Matt Damon! Bryan Cranston! Gabourey Sidibe! Emily Blunt and John Krasinski!

4.) Kate Upton fucks a sandwich in this terrible terrible Carl's Jr. commercial.
That's what we're supposed to get from this, right?

5.) Ken Marino sings Macy Gray on Conan.
Spot on, Ken. Spot on.

6.) Sophia Grace and Rosie do tea time with Taylor Swift.
It's almost getting boring how cute these two are.

7.) Max catches baby fever (sort of) on Happy Endings.
More importantly, he'd kill you assassin style for a frittata.

8.) Taylor Kitsch has customs drama, but, more importantly, he is still very handsome.
It's just not fair that one person can be this good looking and this charming. Pick one, Kitsch! (Side note: I am officially launching the Taylor Kitsch for Finnick in Catching Fire campaign. We can do this, Internet.)

9.) The way to Frank's heart is to be his mother (or, at the very least, just like her).
A Patti Lupone appearance is the second best appearance on 30 Rock. Elaine Stritch is forever #1.

10.) The Office trolls the blogging community and does it quite well.
This Mindy Kailing-penned episode hit a little close to home, but we were still laughing. Also, let's hear it for Catherine Tate, ladies and gentlemen.