In this week's TV roundup, Maya Rudolph kills on Saturday Night Live, a proposal worth waiting for on Downton Abbey, Jon Stewart takes Virginia to task and a member of the Glee club might be dead.

1.) Matthew and Mary shippers finally get some relief.
The fact that Mary might have fucked a Turkish diplomat to death doesn't deter Matthew from putting a ring on it. We could not be happier.

2.) Maya Angelou's I Know Why The Caged Bird Laughs
Maya Rudolph was great on this past weekend's SNL and this sketch, in which esteemed poet Maya Angelou gets her own prank show, was the best of the bunch.

3.) Did they just kill Quinn off of Glee?
How emotionally manipulative can you get, Ryan Murphy?

4.) Phil handles Haley's virginity loss with aplomb on Modern Family.
This scene was so tender and sweet. Dads should take note.

5.) Billy Eichner pelts RHOC's Tamra with Mardi Gras beads on Watch What Happens Live.
Also, is this the drunkest we've ever seen Andy Cohen?

6.) Jimmy Fallon: Back on Broadway
As a lover of the Great White Way, I couldn't have been more excited for Late Night's Broadway Week. This unauthorized musical about Jimmy Fallon's life was a definite highlight.

7.) Liz Lemon stars as Rolfe in The Sound of Music.
She's looking very Kenneth in that blonde wig.

8.) She's making jewelry now!
Are all of our sisters jewelry designers these days?

9.) Justin Theroux shows off his b-boy skills on Ellen.
You know it's love when your girlfriend pimps you into clumsily breakdancing on national television.

10.) Another installment of The Punanney State on The Daily Show.
The nine scariest words: "I'm from the government. This wand's a little cold."