In this week's TV roundup, Downton's staff might be headed towards a big change, relationships are made and broken inside Ikea on 30 Rock, Die Antwoord freaks out David Letterman, and Portlandia gets into Battlestar.

1.) 30 Rock demonstrates the destructive nature of Ikea.
It's true. You leave the Swedish super chain either crying or having made someone cry, but at least you have that Malm bed.

2.) Die Antwoord does Letterman.
And Dave does not get it.

3.) You need the Go-Techs Flex.
Channing Tatum wasn't the best host SNL has ever seen, but you can't accuse him of lacking enthusiasm. This Go-Techs Flex commercial was one of the night's highlights, mainly because they let the writers, Tatum and Wiig get pretty weird with it. Sit back, grab a honeycomb and enjoy.

4.) Eva goes to Bed on Up All Night.
If only we could all eat Italian sushi with Maya Rudolph while lying on a waterbed filled with vodka.

5.) Billy Eichner covers the Super Bowl for Conan.
Giants? Patriots? Who gives a fuck— Eichner is there for Madonna. And to score coke off a cheerleader.

6.) Ricky Martin guests on Glee.
I've long been a Glee apologist, but this is getting exhausting.

7.) Like many before them, Portlandia falls down the Battlestar Galactica rabbit hole.
Do we have time to watch one more?

8.) Teen girl eats plastic on My Strange Addiction.
Let's give TLC some credit. There's no bait and switch when it comes to titling their shows.

9.) Is Carson leaving Downton Abbey?!
How will he get it on with Mrs. Hughes now?!

10.) Will Farrell announces the Bulls starting lineup at the Bulls-Hornets game in New Orleans.
"At center, number 13. He's a Scorpio and a horrible dancer, Joakim Noah!"

Bonus: And here's Will announcing the Hornets.
You'll make a basketball fan out of me yet, Will.