In this week's TV roundup, Stephen Colbert gets a lesson in children's literature, Jim Carrey's daughter auditions for American Idol and Anderson Cooper goes crazy for Fonzie.

1.) Stephen Colbert interviews Maurice Sendak.
This week on The Colbert Report, Stephen interviewed the Where The Wild Things Are
author and delightful curmudgeon Maurice Sendak. Few things are better than Stephen sitting down with someone quick enough to go head to head with him and Sendak is more than up to the task.

2.) Stephen Colbert and Maurice Sendak, Part II.
Better yet, it was a two part interview!

3.) The world's least likable couple get married on Portlandia.
Ugh, don't we all know a Spike and Iris?

4.) Adam Scott throws a punch on Parks and Rec. Is there anything cuter than Ben Wyatt defending Leslie Knope's honor?

5.) John Mulaney does Conan.
I enjoy John Mulaney talking about Law & Order: SVU as much as he enjoys watching it. Which is to say I enjoy it plenty.

6.) 30 Rock premieres the trailer for Martin Luther King Day.
First there was Valentine's Day, then there was New Year's Eve. Now, Martin Luther King Day. What a cast!

7.) The Daily Show discusses the State of the Union.
Sure, President Obama's "spilled milk" joke totally bombed during the SOTU, but at least he can commiserate with Jon Stewart now.

8.) Jim Carrey's daughter auditions for American Idol.
And Jennifer Lopez remembers her as a baby from her In Living Color days!

9.) Ellen gets a star-studded video birthday card from Jimmy Kimmel.
Beloved talk show host Ellen Degeneres turned 54 this week and everyone from Meryl Streep to Bono to the ladies of Jersey Shore came out to wish her a happy birthday.

10.) Watch Anderson Cooper lose his shit over Henry Winkler.
Everybody loves the Fonz.