Shopping for an entertainment enthusiast? Step right up! We've got presents for fangbangers, Muppet maniacs, audio addicts and Portal players.

Breaking Dawn has made over $500 million dollars so far — and it's only part one! For the Twihard in your life: Edward and Jacob locket, $14, Entertainment Earth.

For the guy who can't get enough Bogey and Bacall: F Is For Film Noir poster, $10, Derek Sullivan Illustration via Etsy.

This is on my list: Amy Winehouse's final album, Lioness, on vinyl, $18. It's released next week, but available for pre-order via Best Buy and InSound.

Niagara Detroit of the punk band Destroy All Monsters is now a painter who creates work celebrating the femme fatale. You gotta love "I'm a modern woman, I don't give a fuck about anything," "This band sucks," and "That's all very interesting, darling, but not to me." Giclees, $199 each, Niagara Detroit.

For the video game addict: Portal warning sign coasters, $19.99 for set of 8, Entertainment Earth.

We all have that one friend who is prone to lying on the floor and listening to The Smiths. Please Please Please cross-stitch, $64, ChezSucre Chez via Etsy.

For your pal who loves the '80s: Bright, bold, Keith Haring accessories. Radiant Baby watch, $35,; Radiant Baby tote bag, $38, Patricia Field.

The new Muppet movie is great, but there's nothing like the TV show: Season one guest stars include Rita Moreno, Lena Horne, Candice Bergen and Vincent Price; Steve Martin and Elton John appear in Season two. The Muppet Show Season 1 and 2, $36 each, Forbidden Planet.


(By the by, true obsessives would be into a Whatnot, which is what they call it when you create your very own Muppet. Pick your body color, eyes, the works!)

It's so cool when young designers re-imagine movie posters or take a character and create a fantastically minimalistic and stylized version. Surely someone in your life is a huge fan of Wall-E, Labyrinth, The Life Aquatic or Fraggle Rock. $10 to $17, Etsy. Also check out Retro Art Print on Etsy for a poster of Animal and Jon E Allen for cool Walking Dead and Dexter posters. Oh! and Claudia Varosio does posters inspired by Anchorman, Pulp Fiction and Ghostworld. Time to redecorate!

Parks And Recreation has its own little inside jokes, and if you're shopping for a fan of the show, she'll totally understand these: Snakehole Lounge shot glass, $6.95; Ron Swanson hair and mustache T-shirt, $26; Swanson Pyramid Of Greatness chart, $19.95;
BTW, there's also an #AnniesMove T-shirt!

This list would not be complete without a shout-out to our girlcrush Mindy Kaling! Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, $25, IndieBound.

The Hunger Games movie doesn't hit theaters until March, but any fan of the book will drool over a mockingjay pin. $6.50, youngatheart86, Etsy.

(I also like this "May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor" bracelet.)

Charm bracelets are fun, and this little trinket comes in silver or gold. Even better: 50% of the profit from this charm goes to See Jane, a program of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Yes, really! $95 in silver or $125 in gold,

Game Of Thrones isn't back on TV yet, but Winter Is Coming. Will you choose the Stark ring, $30; or the Targaryen Ring, $35? There's also a House of Lannister pendant. And! You can also get a dragon egg, a map/poster and Khal and Khaleesi mugs. All from the HBO Store.


(Believe me when I say tried to find a way to add Jon Snow to my cart, but didn't have any luck. Sigh.)

Last, but not least, I can't afford it, but I love this piece of art. Something to pass on to my nonexistent children. Ring, ring, hooker. Ring ring. Portrait of Lafayette, $500, OddballArtCo., Etsy.

Some other options:

Merry Christmas!