In New York, Easter means hats on 5th Avenue — the wilder, the better. And this year's crop did not disappoint.

Basically, the bonnets on 5th fall into three categories: wacky (Easter Island heads, gardens); adorable (kids and animals) and elegant. All three were well represented!

This dude attracted Bieber-like crowds.

Some people were straight-up vintage, with lovely results.

This gal, who looked somehow totally chic as well as nifty, said she'd constructed this from an American Apparel shift dress. Adorable.

This woman kept her eyes on the main event.

Some of these dudes must have been up all night, busy at their millinery.

She's a showstopper at every NYC event — and doesn't disappoint.

I must confess, the little girls are my favorite — they're so into it!

This woman said it was lighter than it looked — but still a balancing act. (Yes, I was there, albeit in a far more modest hat.)

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