What could bring together Christina Hendricks, Dita Von Teese, Kristin Davis and, um, Marilyn Manson? Why, Vivienne Westwood, of course! Specifically, the opening of her Los Angeles store. And naturally, the clothes were noteworthy.

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Anna Kendrick goes for rich, deconstructed romance.

Christina Hendricks, a woman who never "downplays," "minimizes," "draws attention from" or does any of the things we're "supposed" to do to breasts — once they're suitably perky and big, that is, because too small is also in need of "push-ups" and miracles. (No, we can't win.) For that, I salute her. Not least because the jacket makes me feel like I'm one of Sir Walter Raleigh's deputies.

Malin Akerman's drapery is interesting, but still stays unfussy.

Only anarchists are pretty? What about Direct Democrats? Or pure Libertarians? Well, Lupe Fiasco has started a conversation, which is, I suppose, the point of art.

There is nothing like a Dame — especially one doing subversive things with traditional openwork.

Mischa Barton, in great form in this easy, chic take on metallics.

Y'know, I don't know why Marilyn comes to these things if he can't have a good attitude. What a downer!

Look. No one's saying it's easy being thrown together with an ex, but Dita's pulling it off with poise! Not to mention, dramatic chic.

Not who I really expected to see — despite Dame Viv's role in SATC I, — but Kristin Davis looks stunning in this gently edgy cerulean!

There's "toughening up" with an unexpected shoe. Then there's "grabbing what's by the door." We've all done it. Only Lady Victoria Hervey can say which this was.

I can't imagine this is a huge seller, but I kind of adore it. It's like Laura Ashley goes wild.