You've seen the Source Code poster, in which Jake Gyllenhaal has to strike all kinds of uncomfy action poses. Luckily, the premiere was more restrained. Some of it, anyway.

I can't decide whether this is a case of "poured into" or "painted on." Thoughts?

There are so many things to look at here that even the irrepressible Vera Farmiga is virtually hidden.

Sometimes Jake Gyllenhaal just looks really, really sad, even when he's wearing a beautifully tailored Tom Ford suit.

Reese Lasher does a cool repeat of her dress's motif in the shoe.

Some people — by which I mean my friend Bevin S. — are somewhat obsessed with Matthew Gray Gubler, specifically his turn on Criminal Minds. I will say, the man's rocking J. Crew Men's Store chic.

Serena Reeder rocks the last gap of this aggressively retro-future silhouette. Great for taking flight, if not sitting.

Tara Lapinski in the new kinder, gentler bandage.

Michelle Monaghan balances unusually dramatic makeup with pretty minimalism.