Singer, poet, and marrier of cowboys, Jewel, was involved in a two-car crash this morning in Texas. The collision occurred when a volunteer fire truck smashed into the passenger's side of her car. According to her rep, Jewel, who is two months pregnant, was taken to the hospital and seems to be doing just fine. No word on whether or not the man who SMASHED INTO A CAR WITH A FIRETRUCK will be let go from his volunteer gig. [TMZ]

  • Three people you always picture hanging out together Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Jimmy Kimmel were all evacuated due to a tsunami threat. Lautner and Stewart were filming "Breaking Dawn" in Tofino, and Kimmel was on a tiny Polynesian island for some reason. Still, "remember when we all separately fled an impending natural disaster" should provide slightly above average fodder for their next appearances on Kimmel's show. [Extra]
  • Sigh. Kids In The Hall alum Dave Foley may be kind of a deadbeat dad. Foley reportedly owes more than half a million dollars to his wife and claims that he has failed to pay it due to a reduced income, shittier movie roles. [Star]
  • Best Week Ever and Mr. Show vet Paul F. Tompkins will write and star in a new series for Comedy Central. Comedy nerd swoon. [Digital Spy]
  • Matthew Morrison says he watches what he eats, doesn't do anything special to maintain his physique. [Digital Spy]
  • Sarah Palin just happy Julianne Moore was able to finally find some job security by playing Sarah Palin. She would also like you to know this is all part of her plan for job creation. [TV Squad]
  • Mel Gibson officially, finally charged with spousal battery. [Us Magazine]
  • The man least likely to have 82 Julia Roberts tattoos, does. [Yahoo]