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Today a Pakistani legislator informed us that it's "bitter truth that the same way women are tortured in rural areas, men are the victims of mental torture in urban neighborhoods."

Glass offers some insight:

As a man type person, I applaud this gentleman for having the guts to stand up for the rights of mentally tortured men everywhere.

Why, I was discussing this only yesterday to another downtrodden male type person as I reviewed my paycheck. We both agreed how women have had an unfair advantage for too long with their being in lower tax brackets for doing the same job and such.

Also, men have had to endure a seriously disproportionate number of executive positions in our nations companies. How can we call ourselves a free and just society when mostly men are carrying the weight of these companies on their shoulders? This is tantamount to modern slavery!

Finally, and this is probably the most egregious offense against men, how women force men to stare at their bodies. It's deplorable to know a poor construction worker can't go about his duties without some woman molesting his eyes with her body as she walks by. Who the hell does she think she is walking down a public sidewalk in a pantsuit CLEARLY designed to victimize the men around her?

I applaud you, Pakistani legislator guy, for you are a hero among your tortured brethren.

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