At a hearing today Lindsay Lohan was given another two weeks to decide if she'll take a plea deal that involves jail time or go to trial over the alleged necklace theft. If she doesn't take the deal, there will be a preliminary hearing on Aprill 22, at which time a judge will determine if she violated her probation and rule on whether there's enough evidence to go to trial. [E!]
During the hearing, Judge Keith Schwartz said, "Thankfully, this case doesn't involve military secrets where people's lives are at stake, because I can't believe how these things leak out, how TMZ, Radar Online, all of these, I don't know how. These guys ought to be in the foreign service. They're that good about getting this information. They ought to maybe hoook up with the CIA and start working with them." [Radar]
This is nuts: Designer Judith Ripka lent Lindsay Lohan a necklace to wear to cour today. [TMZ]

Charlie Sheen suggested in an Australian interview that his meltdown is a Joaquin Phoenix-style hoax. He described it as "performance art," and said, "It wasn't like I was really believing that if you, it's a drug called Charlie Sheen, if you take it your face will melt off and you'll weep over your exploded body! ... It's about all those bitching words sounding cool all put together. It's about shock value, its just about not having any interest in speaking like everybody else. It's just boring." [Radar]
Today Chuckles filed a $100 million lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre for firing him from Two and a Half Men. [E!]
Chuck Lorre responded through his lawyer: "The allegations in the complaint against Mr. Lorre are as recklessly false and unwarranted as Mr. Sheen's rantings in the media ... The accusations are simply imaginary. This lawsuit is about a fantasy 'lottery' pay-day for Charlie Sheen." [Deadline]
Kelly Preston, who broke off her engagement to Charlie after he shot her in the arm, says, "My heart just goes out to him, and all of his family ... He's such a good person underneath all of it, he really is." She adds, "We were together for a year, and he wasn't drinking, and he wasn't doing drugs. And there's a beautiful person in there. He really is a great man." [People]
Today Charlie appeared in a cooking show parody for Funny or Die. [TMZ]
Brooke Mueller is demanding that Charlie undergo a psychological evaluation before he visits with their twins again. [Radar]

Children's groups are angry about Gwyneth Platrow performing "Do You Wanna Touch Me?" on Glee, and not just because singing it to underage kids was creepy. Songwriter Gary Glitter is a convicted sex offender who will probably receive thousands in royalties from sales of her cover. [Daily Mail]

Felicia Pearson, who played Snoop on The Wire, was arrested in Baltimore on drug charges along with 30 other people. [E!]

  • After a crowd of screaming girls gathered outside Justin Bieber's Liverpool, England hotel room, he was told it was a "possible riot situation" and he would be arrested if he went near a window for inciting a riot. [TMZ]
  • Lovebirds Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn had dinner at Chateau Marmont. [People]
  • Once again a source is claiming that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have broken up and she's "devastated." [E!]
  • Annette Funicello was taken to the hospital as a precaution after a fire that damaged much of her house. [Radar]
  • Christina Aguilera was spotted drinking at the same restaurant she had dinner at before her public intoxication arrest. "She should see the arrest as a wake-up call, but she doesn't. She doesn't think things are that bad," says a source. [Us]