Look, no one's expecting Catherine Breillat-level insight from the new Red Riding Hood, but I'll totally see it. It looks potentially fun and a touch dark โ€” and so was the premiere.

Was it my imagination, or was there a distinct White Stripes palette going on? Maybe when "red" is in the title, it's just too compelling a cue to ignore. Whatever the reason, hats off to the ethereal Katerina Graham!

Emily Browning.


Keeping within the color scheme, Amanda Seyfried goes casual, youthful and ever-so-slightly boho in this burgundy mini.

Judith Godreche, ready to take flight.


In the LBD camp, Madeline Carroll.

Kelly Monaco.


Virginia Madsen keeps it fairy-tale girly.

Also uber-femme โ€” and 50's-inflected โ€” Ryan Newman. Seriously, did they plan the colors?


Shiloh Fernandez may play a woodsman or whatever, but this is problematic. Highly problematic.