Chicken Of The Sea tuna has been around since 1917. In the 1950s, the brand began featuring a golden-locked mermaid on its label. At first, the Mermaid was an illustration of coy creature whose Veronica Lake-inspired hair covered one eye. Now the Mermaid talks, Tweets, and has a Facebook page. In a new series of commercials, different characters sit on a rock and eat tuna while the Mermaid explains why Chicken Of The Sea is so great.

Obviously the branding folks thought that bringing the mermaid to life would be a memorable way to remember Chicken Of The Sea, and being "friends" with the mermaid would make the brand interactive or whatever. But the Mermaid is one of those creepy digital SIMS-looking chicks, with a bobble head, eyes the size of pie plates and arms not muscular enough for swimming. The 2D version was just much more charming! And can someone alert Snooki? The Chicken Of The Sea Mermaid rocked a pouf for about fifty years! (It's gone now.)

This isn't the first time the Mermaid has been animated, however — she made a silent appearance at the very end of this commercial from 1980. Interesting that it's taken her this long to get a voice… Ursula The Sea Witch must have a waiting list.

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