In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Celine Dion scats to her baby twins, a nun dances at her 103rd birthday party, and Gayle King tries to impress Lady Gaga.

1.) Celine scats.
For her 27th appearance on Oprah (she's actually been on the show more than any other celebrity) Celine showed off her new babies, and generally acted like herself.

2.) Monkey business.
Evil monkeys in Japan were becoming a public nuisance, so hot springs were built for them in Nagano so they could chill out and take baths and not get so angry. The site has since become a tourist destination, where you can watch the monkeys lounge. You're still not supposed to look them in the eye, though.

3.) Gayle King greets Lady Gaga in fishnets and one-piece Spanx.
She was trying to shock the pop star but Gaga either didn't notice, or didn't care. Also, it was apparently a private show, just for Gaga. Gayle didn't let the cameras get a look at her bod.

4.) Let's get hiiiiiigh.
That's the message that comes across during this commercial for Rite Aid's prescription home delivery program.

5.) The Situation doesn't have hair on his balls.
Or that's what he seems to be implying here.

6.) Stoner baby.
This two-year-old boy has brain cancer and his parents have opted to treat him with medical marijuana despite the hand-wringing of a lot of other people.

7.) Hef talks about Holly.
Crystal says that Holly is cool with their engagement, but Hef says she has "mixed feelings." Speaking of "mixed"—he mistakenly called Holly "Crystal" at one point during this interview.

8.) Hamster wheel models.
Tyra will never ever allow us to think that this show has maxed out on ridiculousness, because she will always, always take it to the next level.

9.) Cameron Diaz loves porn.
Do you think she got her arms so defined by using the ol' butter-churner method of masturbation?

10.) Obligatory little old lady clip.