So what, exactly, was "Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2011's kick off with Chrysler Celebrating 'The Fighter' held at the District on Sunset"? Not positive. But it was star-studded — like, Mirren and Butler and Adams-studded — and the clothes? Aces.

Let's do the lovelies first. Isabelle Lucas is vintage-pretty in this easy, rosy frock. (And this is a "frock," no?)

Malin Akerman, crisp and basic.

Amy Adams just flirts with dowdiness, but keeps it classic.

Jenna Dewan, an up-and-coming bombshell. Which is distinct from a style-setter but also noteworthy.

There's still nothing like a Dame, but Helen Mirren's getup is a bit busy to be really flattering.

Another study in unflattering excess, I give you Kristin Davis.

Abbie Cornish continues the theme: layered edition.

Nia Vardalos apparently likes pansies.