Vivienne Westwood showed her fall collection at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, a venue more usually home barristers and solicitors than teenaged models made over to look like crazy cat ladies who'd had one too many go-rounds with Marge Simpson's makeup gun. What fun!

Charlotte Free, the newly famous pink-haired model, opened the show.

The makeup, in case you couldn't tell, was pretty extraordinary: gold leaf was heavily implicated.

And you gotta love that quizzical right eyebrow.

The collection involved lots of layers.

As well as crooked ties.

And bag-lady co-ordinates.

And circus tent skirts.

If the straitjacket fits...

The whole thing was topped off with a variety of undersized chapeaux. Very Tim & Eric.

I love how that crazy dress manages, somehow, to make that model's boobs look awesome. Even a skinny-ass runway model can have awesome looking boobs, with that dress! That's the magic of Vivienne Westwood, right there.

Never mind the, er, clown coat. That has no boob-tastic effects.