Michael Kors has been in business for 30 years, and he celebrated that history in his big anniversary show this morning at Lincoln Center. There were no real surprises here — just gorgeous, extremely expensive, classic American sportswear.

Kors started off showing clothing in shades of black, white, and gray only.

Backstage, a sign instructed the models to "celebrate 30 years of American glamour. You are strong, powerful and so sexy, people can't breathe! Kill them with chic and power. Have a great show! Of Kors!"

Donna Summer played during the show.

And when color was at last introduced into the show, it was very, very subtle.

Kors' shows have a rhythm about them — you know what you're going to get, and he rarely disappoints.

You come to expect the cashmere jumpsuit, the impeccably cut trousers, the cashmere wrap, the camel coat, the earth-toned everything. The suits.

It's not to say that his collections are rote, just that thirty years in business has left Kors with a solid sense of himself as a designer, and obviously an excellent understanding of what his customers like.

And, of course, eventually there was Michael Kors red.

And of course, longtime face of the brand/Estonian real-estate mogul Carmen Kass closed the show. Why mess with a prize-winning recipe?