A study of almost 300 sets of male twins born in the 1970s concludes that boys who'd been outgoing as teens were more likely to wed than the antisocial kids. And the nice guys become even nicer with time. But!

What about Charlie Sheen-types—men who get married lots of times, yet remain antisocial whether out of stubbornness or because of some selfishness/recklessness/other problem? the study didn't consider such "egregiously antisocial" fellows; maybe such a study should be done. It would be interesting to trace the progression of serial grooms over time: do they get nicer with every trip down the aisle? Or do they remain the same? And would those guys be even more antisocial if they'd never gotten married at all?

The Marrying Kind: Born or Made? [NY Times]

Image epSos.de/via Flickr.