The 2010 New York Film Critics Circle Awards, actually held in 2011, took place on a cold night. Which didn't stop Ruffalo and Firth from being hot, and Michelle Williams and Kerry Washington, seriously cool.

I don't know why Mark Ruffalo's "guest" isn't ID'd when it's obviously his wife of ten years, Sunrise Coigney, and why would you miss a chance to write that name? Anyway. She's skewing a little "Feed the birds/Tuppence a bag." But that's not a bad thing. Maybe even necessary when one's husband has a permanent five-o-clock shadow.

Colin Firth was really good in The King's Speech. In fact, he doesn't need to constantly remind us, with his vests, 30's-high collars and full-Windsors: we remember.

If I saw these booties and this frock independently, they'd probably rate "mehs." Yet, Kerry Washington looks exquisite! What is this alchemy she works?

Michelle Williams continues her reign as Queen of Demure Chic. (Carey Mulligan is Princess.)

Melissa Leo takes "larger than life" literally. This is the kind of red-carpet excess we don't normally see in the age of the stylist! So, thanks for that.

Annette Bening has easy elegance down. And are these trousers?

In a city of constant change, Sylvia Miles remains a reliable, unchanging New York institution, and a fixture on every red carpet.

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