Today in head-cocking headlines: a woman who was hit by a cow during a tornado last summer has given birth to a healthy baby. Minnesotan tornados: now better at throwing stuff than the Twins pitching staff and Brett Favre combined.

The woman, Sam Wittstruck, was only about four weeks pregnant last summer when a tornado blew through her Wadena, Minnesota town. She was knocked unconscious during a storm only to wake up with a cow on top of her. Doctors think that because the trauma happened early in the pregnancy, the fetus escaped unscathed.


In honor of the child's near-nonbirth, Wittstruck named her daughter Skylar, because-get it?- SKY. In a twist that sounds straight out of a novel jointly written by Tom Robbins and David Lynch, in addition to her bovine distinction, Skylar was also the first baby born in Wadena in 2011.

Best of luck to that crazy, crazy infant and her family.

Wadena Woman's Pregnancy Survives Falling Cow []