What follows is an imaginary conversation between Jennifer Aniston and her agent.

Jennifer: Hey Agent, got any scripts for me to read so I can choose my next project?

Agent: You've never read them before, why start now?

Jennifer: Touché Agent, touché. Seriously though, come across any colossally shitty scripts these days? Anything Katherine Heigl won't touch with a ten foot pole?

Agent: Sorry Jen, not lately. I've mostly been getting stuff with a plot and good dialogue. Not really up your alley. There is, however, this one script I found that was written by an illiterate NYFA grad student.

Jennifer: Tell me more!

Agent: Just Go With It.

Jennifer: Oh, I will. Knowing the title just helps when I'm cashing my giant check after literally laughing my way to the bank. So…what's it called?

Agent: Just Go With It.

Jennifer: Why are you being so difficult?! I've been in literally every movie you've told me to-even Rock Star-so tell me, what is written on the front page of the script?

Agent: Just Go With It.

Jennifer: Am I higher than usual? Tell. Me. The. Name. Of. The. Shitty. Script. You. Read. Now.

Agent: Just Go With It.

Jennifer: Fuck it! I'll do it! Happy?! Now, will you please-and you know I never use that word unless I'm pissed or asking you to completely manufacture a relationship with another celebrity for me-tell me what the movie is called?!

Agent: Ugh, I hate my life.

Jennifer: A dark comedy! I love it! Who's my co-star?

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