In this week's multimedia compilation of pop culture crap, Jon Gosselin's earrings and bank statements, a news anchor acts wasted, and Khloe Kardashian co-hosts The View.

1.) Jon Gosselin
I know it's nearly impossible that anyone in America managed to miss him since he was all over TV talking about how he doesn't want to be on TV anymore. On Monday on The Insider, Jon faced off with Nancy Grace. Later in the week, The Insider tried to propel that insanity by airing "footage you didn't see" from the event. Here, Jon admits that his earrings are CZs.

Jon also ran back and forth between The Insider and Entertainment Tonight, showing "bank statements" proving that he did not steal money from Kate.

However, even the correspondent on The Insider recognized that this one transaction receipt proves absolutely nothing.

2.) "I'm showing America how it works."
God, he's like the fountain of spoof.

3.) In other grossness: Tamerlane Phillips.
Remember two weeks ago when people didn't care about the Gosselins for four days because Mackenzie Phillips' rape and incest bombshell stole the show? Tamerlane Phillips misses those days.

4.) The best intervention ever, courtesy of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

5.) Kaity Tong Drunk?
Speaking of interventions…sheesh.

This man-on-the-street from the story she was introducing is awesome.

6.) Shut up, Joy!

7.) People are still getting "The Rachel"?

8.) Does Kim know that wig hair doesn't grow back?

9.) Khloe Kardashian's 9 Carats

10.) WWWWD?
She would think WWJJD.