The very adorable How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hanningan is preggers. This is the first child for Hanningan, 34, and fellow Buffy alum, husband Alexis Denisof, 42. • Jada Pinkett Smith runs a tight ship. She tells Cookie Magazine that manners are of the utmost importance in the Smith household: "It’s not ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ just ‘because I told you so.’ “I tell [my kids], ‘Every time you go out into the world, you are leaving an impression of yourself and this family with other people. What impression do you want to leave? Do you want people to think you are spoiled [rotten]?’” • Daniel Craig got pretty tipsy while sampling a bunch of shaken, not stirred martinis as 007. "They're knockout," Craig says. "We did a proper taste test: full measure of gin, full measure of vodka and then another liqueur on top of it. I ended up on the floor." [Us, Cookie, People]