Finally, some good news for Shia LaBeouf: Detectives have determined that the car accident he was involved in was caused by the other driver running a red light, so Shia's in the clear. (Well, there's still the matter of those pesky misdemeanor DUI charges and his injured left hand.) • Brooke Hogan says that shockingly, her incarcerated brother Nick didn't enjoy his 28 days in solitary confinement. "They had broken his spirit," she says. Now "his personality is slowly coming back. I bring that out of him." • Comedian Jerry Lewis, 82, was stopped on Friday in Las Vegas when airport security spotted an unloaded gun in his bag. Jerry told the cops that other "members of his family" had been using the bag, and he didn't know the gun was there. Don't you hate it when your sister borrows your bag and leaves her gun in it? [TMZ, People, TMZ]