Steve Carell on his kissing scene with The Rock in this summer's Get Smart: "The Rock has softer lips. I guess I could say that. He smells like strawberry shortcake. For me, that's why they call him The Rock. He rocks people's worlds." Strawberry shortcake is so hot right now! • Jack Black was all set to star in the comedy Man-Witch, about "a man who discovers he's a witch and heads off to teach at a female witch school," until he abruptly backed out of the project this week. Insiders say that Black was annoyed at director Todd Phillips (of Old School fame) for not being committed enough to the project. We think it's secretly because Black knows that Kung Fu Panda would beat the crap out of Man-Witch in a brawl.• Tila Tequila is taking credit for the legalization of gay marriage in California. "It is because of me - I definitely think [my show] has helped the movement," she told Us. This is really too idiotic for additional commentary. [AP via Towleroad, AP, Us]