50 Foot Woman Star Found "Mummified" In Home

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Yvette Vickers, Playboy Playmate and star of Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman and other B movies, has been found dead in her California home. Authorities think she may have been dead for months.

According to the AP, her body was found in a "mummified state," and she could have been dead for up to a year. Officials initially couldn't tell if the corpse was male or female. Neighbor Susan Savage began to suspect that something was wrong when yellowing mail and spiderwebs began to clog Vickers's mailbox. She entered the home and found Vickers's body with a heater still running next to it.

The Daily Mail says Vickers was "either 82 or 74." In addition to Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman, she appeared in such films as Attack Of The Giant Leeches and Hud, and as Playboy's Miss July 1959. She recorded an album in 1989 and appeared in the 1990 film Evil Spirits, and at the time of her death she still got lots of fan mail. Says Savage, "To the end she still got cards and letters from all over the world requesting photos and still wanting to be her friend." Unfortunately, she appeared to have few friends nearby, and the end of her life as a former movie star in isolation recalls a film in which she made an uncredited cameo: Sunset Boulevard.


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Well, that's very sad. I'm a very happy loner and aside from work sometimes won't communicate with anyone for days by choice. I do socialize but not even weekly. I've been thinking of setting up a check-in process with other single friends of mine just so we can make sure we all get checked on if something goes awry.

Which is a long way 'round to saying that while it's sad she was undiscovered for so long, it doesn't necessarily follow that during her life she was unhappily alone (which of course she may have been OR she may have been a contented loner).