50 Cent Accused of Stealing $250K Worth of Jewels

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50 Cent is currently being investigated by Las Vegas authorities due to allegations of theft. Robert Marin, owner of LAX Jewelry Co., says 50’s men stole two pieces of jewelry from him that are worth $250K.

According to TMZ, Marin met with 50 at Drai’s nightclub in Vegas during the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight to show him a Rolex watch and a chain. 50 agreed to buy the two pieces, but the men hadn’t yet settled on a price. Later, 50’s entourage invited the jeweler to check out Mayweather’s training gym. After arriving, Marin claims he was pistol-whipped and robbed by 50’s crew.

Forbes recently named 50 Cent as part of their “Forbes Five,” a list of the wealthiest hip-hop artists, which also includes Dr. Dre, P. Diddy and Jay Z. 50’s estimated net worth is currently at $155 million. After selling his stake in VitaminWater for $100 million in 2007, the rapper has been involved with other ventures such as Effen vodka, SMS Audio and SK Energy. I’m throwing a side-eye at this accusation. Two pieces of jewelry at just $250K sounds like mere pennies in 50 Cent’s world.


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Bears for President

Costello: You see the thing is that these rappers today, they’ve got the funny names. The unusual names you see and if you’re going to be buying stolen Jewels from them you need to learn their names. So let’s start, first up we have 50 cent

Abbot: No way you can get 50 cent on the dollar for stolen jewels, I can offer thirty-five and that’s it.

Costello: No, that’s his name.

Abbott: What is?

Costello: 50 cent!

Abbott: 40 and that’s my final offer.

Costello: No, that’s the fellow’s name.

Abbott: What’s his name?

Costello: 50 cent!

Abbott: Doesn’t matter how many times you make the offer, I can’t go higher than 45.

Costello: No that’s the guy’s name. 50 cent.

Abbott: 45! I’ve said that three times now, you want to play Games?

Costello: No the Game isn’t even involved. I don’t know where he gets his jewels and he is not a man to be played.