5 Zingers From Jackie Collins

George Wayne's Vanity Fair interview with Jackie Collins is chock full of amazing quips! Wayne asks, "You're 72 years old. Are you still sexually active?" Collins: "Well, of course. Aren't you?" It gets better:

Collins is promoting her new book, Poor Little Bitch Girl, in which a character named Svetlana "looks at her nude image in a mirror-readying herself for a $30,000-an-hour sexual encounter with a 15-year-old." Collins explains she was inspired by the Eliot Spitzer scandal. But it's when she's not talking about the book that she shines:

On why she got kicked out of high school:

…For playing truant. And waving at the resident flasher. This guy would flash us little girls in our school uniforms every Monday. I would look, and I would point at his dick, and I would say, "Oh, it must be a very cold day today!"


On Twilight:

I liked [it] a lot. But what's this obsession with vampires? Do people really want somebody to stick their teeth into their necks? Maybe the girls think the vampire can suck all the fat out of them, and they can all be thin, like the girls in Hollywood?


On wearing animal print:

I'm not Shirley MacLaine, but I have this belief that I was a leopard or a panther in another life.


On her hair:

I don't wear wigs. It's mine, baby.

The Original Gossip Girl [Vanity Fair]


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