Last night's Real Housewives of Atlanta was full of surprises: a surprise baby shower for Kim, a surprise trip to Miami, and Phaedra's "surprise" ultimatum to her husband to get involved in the new "family business" (the funeral home) or get out. However, nothing was as surprising as when Nene revealed her simple requirements for a man: there's no need to be a good kisser as long as they're a "good…eater." She wasn't talking about food.

Not at all surprising was the constant shit-talking behind Nene's back. At a lunch with Sheree, Kim proudly stated, "I haven't talked to that bitch in, like, 10 months. I could care less." [Ed: "COULDN'T," not "could." That drives me insane.] But Kim inadvertently reveals exactly how much she really does care, thanks to her extensive knowledge of Nene's Celebrity Apprentice stint.


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