40-Year-Old Man Chris Martin Throws Himself Willy Wonka-themed Birthday Party

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Coldplay frontman Chris Martin had a Willy Wonka themed birthday party because he is a goddamn whimsical 40-year-old man and the whole of Hollywood should know it. On Friday, Martin reportedly transformed his Malibu abode into a sprawling Dahlian paradise complete with lollipop-shaped decorations and toadstools.

Rob Lowe was there, with a gift in hand, struggling to contain his excitement, whereas Robert Downey Jr. looked about as happy as a man stuck in chocolate river plumbing. Both wore fanciful dad shirts. Orlando Bloom, who is respectfully staying away from recent ex Katy Perry, was also in attendance, as were Jay Z and Beyoncé.


It’s not clear whether Martin’s ex, Gwyneth Paltrow, was in attendance, though she and the former couple’s two children seemed to have all been in the same room at some point on Martin’s birthday to celebrate.

I still don’t really understand what Goop is, but I hope those toadstools were full of it!


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The SNL cold open featured Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump sitting on a bus station bench, making the strangers around him highly uncomfortable.


“Why you got no legs, Kellyanne?”


I can’t stop watching this.


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