$40 Gets You a Replica of Meghan Markle's Engagement Ring

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In a victory for lovers of kitschy costume jewelry reproductions the world over, the Buckingham Palace gift shop is now selling Meghan Markle’s engagement ring, priced to move at £30.


Page Six reported:

Buckingham Palace‘s Royal Collection, the group in charge of its official gift shop, has released a new collection of statement jewelry that includes a “Buckingham Palace Statement Ring” inspired by Meghan Markle‘s engagement sparkler.

The costume ring is made up of three large crystals set on palladium-plated metal with an adjustable band. It’s currently available online for £30 (about $40 USD), with worldwide shipping for royal fans across the pond.


Also available: matching earrings and a pendant, as well. It’s not just Meghan, though! You can also get your own version of the Queen’s flower basket brooch, a present from her father upon the birth of Charles, or Queen Victoria’s bow brooches, made after she had to hand her grandmother’s hereditary loot back to the King of Hanover. (Sadly, the royal wedding cakes have all sold out.) There is something so perfect about an institution that insists on its own pomp and grandeur selling rather reasonably priced crystal facsimiles. The band is even adjustable! Like something you’d get out of a gumball machine!

Personally I would love to own this ring and wear it with a reproduction of the Jane Austen ring that Kelly Clarkson once purchased, before being forced to sell it to the Jane Austen’s House Museum.

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Leaving TWD Forever

Nothing screams “classy” like an adjustable band.

Anything with an adjustable band should retail for no more than $3.99. This ring looks like something I’d buy my 4 year old, and then take away after realizing it’s lead covered in mercury. It’s so cheap looking! For $40, I was hoping for something that looks like they have at least tried!