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Copenhagen Fashion Week commences apace in all its conceptual glory, as ever an artful refute to the concept that hygge is Denmark’s most important cultural export. Humor was always missing in the trend pieces that emerged around the knitty, fireplace-roasted stereotype of Danish cozy, but it’s always been crucial to Copenhagen’s fashion vanguard. On Tuesday, designer Amina Saada showed bulbous, Kawakubo-esque cocoon dresses and one excellent quarter-face hoodie (above) that seems like a great formal look for being shot to the moon.


This woman is ready to be beamed the fuck up in a knit hunting piece by Jennifer Jonsson.

Businessman cosplay courtesy Frederik Moller, or the cyborg taking over when your job is finally automated?


Work in space is more fun when you’re Donald Ducking (mask included in case someone peeps your wee-wee!). Copenhagen Fashion Week is here all night, folks!

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