Sheryl Lowe, Rob's wife, is speaking out against a slew of allegations from the couples' former nannies. "The charges against me are lies meant to embarrass and humiliate. I find it deeply offensive the false allegation that I would use racially insensitive comments. I'm certain that my dearest and longtime friend, and godfather to my children, Marcus Allen would beg to differ with their charges." Omg she totally used the my best friend is black defense. • Girls Gone Wild jerkface Joe Francis has been cleared of sexual battery charges in Los Angeles. Blerg. • Mariah Carey's nephew, Shawn McDonald, left a "cryptic message" on his Facebook page that is possibly about the Carey/Nick Cannon nuptials. "Shawn can officially say that what you may or may not have read or heard is not true..." Uh, ok then! [The Insider, TMZ, Us]