Anna Nicole's son, Daniel, stole Methadone from his mother a few months before he died from a Methadone overdose. At an inquest into Daniel's death today in the Bahamas, Anna's baby daddy Larry Birkhead testified that he saw Daniel stealing the Methadone on surveillance tapes. Daniel died from a combination of Methadone, Zoloft and Lexapro. • Here's a first look at Britney on the set of How I Met Your Mother. Brit's cameo as a receptionist in a dermatologist's office airs on Monday, March 24. • Oh my, does Kristin Davis have a sex tape?? (Link NSFW) Those photos are potentially Photoshopped, but if they are real, they could successfully break her good-girl "Charlotte" image. She'll never be typecast again! [Us, People, Scott Fayner via dlisted]