32 Additional Competent Things Men Do That We Find Sexual, Unranked

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The Hairpin has issued a stirring list of competent things men do that are pretty hot. And good. And sexual. And we feel this list could be expanded upon.


A portion of their list:

32. Wears an analog watch.

31. Changes a light bulb.

30. Knows the wattage.

29. Poaches an egg.

28. Peels an orange, hands you a slice.

27. Legible handwriting.

26. Takes groceries out of shopping bags.

25. Knows the words to disco songs.

24. Knows the names of two of your friends (first names only are fine).

23. Kicks your feet, propped up on coffee table, out of the way so he can walk around you.

22. Flips book over to read back copy.

Read the rest here.

We would like to add the following:

1. Sits real cool.

2. Easily drives a car in reverse.

3. Goes right into a place and speaks to a person.

4. Asks questions.

5. Is always casually good at maps.

6. Finishes a book.

7. Answers the phone when the bank is calling.

8. Uses one, but not more than one, hair product.

9. Has clean fingernails, but sometimes dirty ones after doing stuff.

10. Knows when to hang out shirtless.

11. Embraces hair loss/graying.

12. When approaching a narrow passage, cramped sidewalk or storefront entrance, stops and silently gestures that you go first.

13. Drinks the right beer for the circumstances.

14. Remembers things you said; weaves said things back into future discussions.

15. Slips into jeans well.

16. Pulls a t-shirt over his head well.

17. Notices when you’re sad.

18. Notices when you’re sick.

19. Doesn’t avoid difficult subjects.

20. Takes a nap.

21. Makes you a snack sometimes.

22. Has the day all planned out on occasion.

23. Calls ahead to check on something for you.

24. Always tries to pay; has a reason: “But I was running late—let me buy drinks.”


25. Remembered to pick up stamps.

26. Sometimes blurts out his feelings/attraction for you: “Wow”.

27. Gets you home safe when you’re drunk.

28. Drops you at the front door when it’s raining.

29. Dances at weddings.

30. Notices that you need a drink refill.

31. Knows how to look at you with an expression that says: “Need another?”

32. Turns to the bartender and silently gestures you’ll have two more right here.


What else?

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