30 Rock: Liz Lemon Refuses To Settle

Last night on 30 Rock, Liz Lemon said no to "settle-soulmate" Wesley — even if it meant stepping in dog shit.

Lemon is apparently slightly less enamored than I am of Wesley's triangular head and slightly Satanic eyebrows (though to be fair, actor Michael Sheen was hotter in Frost/Nixon). Or maybe it's the fact that he criticizes her eating habits, saying her "food obsession" is "like being in a Cathy cartoon that just won't end." Whatever the cause, Lemon's not a fan of the guy she's always bumping into, and she's not buying the argument that their coincidental encounters mean they should settle for each other. In the clip above, Wesley reminds her that "you'd have someone to tell you when you're about to step in something," but Liz shows she can scrape shit off her own shoe. Take that, Lori Gottlieb!


30 Rock [NBC]



I'm curious what people though about the porn for women bit.

I see people down thread saying that it was supposed to ironic- of course that's what the middle aged suits think women want!

But if that's true, why was Liz so psyched to see it?

I'm not so sure Liz is a total send-up of Bridget Jones style heroines. I've started to think that Tina Fey herself is a stress eater who isn't very interested in sex and thus so is Liz.

I'm open to being turned around, but it made me want to send Tina Fey this [xkcd.com]