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28 Days: Special Tampon Can Save Humanity

Illustration for article titled 28 Days: Special Tampon Can Save Humanity

In February, at a panel about "embarrassing" products and women, someone mentioned that menstrual blood is rich with stem cells. Comedian Sarah Haskins quipped, "one day we'll all be living on period farms." Good news: That day is almost here.


According to Fast Company, Chelsea Briganti, a senior at Parsons The New School for Design has created "Mademoicell," a device that collects menstrual blood for adult stem cells. "The stem cells found in menstrual blood possess embyronic stem cell markers," Briganti says. "These are more potent than bone marrow." And as soon as the government figures out how to harness this magical elixir, we'll all be hooked up to vacuum-sucking tubes, like cows. Just like filing taxes, ladies will be required to give the feds their period harvests! We'll all live on menstrual farms, crammed in period pens while being force-fed chocolates!


Well, not yet. Right now the Mademoicell is a conceptual product meant to highlight an issue. But give your census taker the side-eye anyway. Just for fun.

Almost Genius: The Once-a-Month Stem-Cell Collector for Ladies [Fast Company]
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Can i ask a crazy question here?

Is it normal if my tampons don't bloom open absorbently like they do in the commercials? Does that mean I have a tiny vadge or do they only bloom that much with water like in the commercial?

I don't get it, it comes out red, but still pretty narrow just like straight from the applicator.