25-Year-Old Activist Finally Accomplishes Something, Is Voted Germany's Sexiest Female Politician

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Marina Weisband, a leading member of Germany's Pirate Party (yes, Germany has a Pirate Party — this is what we miss out on when we stick with a two party system) has been voted Germany's Sexiest female politician in a poll by Playboy, having claimed 29% of the vote.


Congratulations to Weisband — who immigrated to Germany from the Ukraine in 1994 and who, at only 25-years-old, is already serving as her party's executive director — for finally accomplishing something of real importance. Maybe she should consider quitting politics so that she can pursuit Playboy-approved sexiness full time. It's like, "Look, kid, you've tried out this whole brain thing and it's been real cute, but don't you think it's time for you to fall back on your looks?" You feel me? You feel me.

German Jewish activist voted sexiest female politician [JTA]

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A couple places in Europe have pirate parties. The platform I looked at was more about freedom of information and less about parrots, ships and booty.

I was very sad when I found this out.