Illustration for article titled 22-Year-Old Heiress Buying $150 Million Spelling Mansion

Petra Ecclestone (daughter of British billionaire and Formula One bigwig Bernie Ecclestone) is getting married in August, and hopefully she's registered for a crapload of furniture: She's buying the famous mansion the Spellings built, the largest home in Los Angeles County. The 57,000-square foot Manor has 14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms, a hotel-lobby sized formal living room that doubles as a projection room, a banquet hall-sized formal dining room, oak-paneled library, office, billiard room, bowling alley, beauty salon, several gift-wrapping rooms, a flower-cutting room, a china room, a "Prince Charles suite," and parking for 100 cars. If you're thinking that the UK is losing an illustrious citizen, don't worry: Petra will keep her six-story $90 million London townhouse and live in her newly acquired palace only part-time. You know, like a vacation cottage on or something.


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What kind of toilet issues does one have to require twice as many bathrooms as bedrooms?