22-Year-Old Divorces 84-Year-Old Husband Because She Can't Keep Up With His Lifestyle

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Flipping the stereotypes around a bit, 22 year old Kristen Georgi recently filed for divorce from her 84 year old husband, Joe Hardy, because his glamorous, globetrotting lifestyle was "a bit too fast-paced" for her.


"Everyone asks, ‘Wasn't it weird?'" Georgi says, "It really wasn't because he was very young at heart. So, he was very hard for me to keep up with … When you climb on your own jet for the 10th time and everything in four days - Europe was crazy - and we were in each place for a day and a half. It was a bit too fast-paced for me." [ThePittsburghChannel] via [Neatorama]

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"Georgi said the demands of such a lavish life took her away from her first love, saying she chose [her son] Matthew over marriage."

Perfectly reasonable.

I always do wonder what people with SUCH a huge age gap can have in common. I mean, your frames of reference are so wildly different! When she was born, he was 3 years away from a senior citizens discount.