Poor Britney.

All a newly-single girl wants to do is hang out with her vagina best lesbefriend Paris, down a few tequilas, snort a little blow and score some greasy sex in the odd bathroom, and the whole world jumps down her vagina throat, even calling her a bad mother! Hell, letting off a bit of steam once in a while doesn't make you a bad mom. Just ask Tatum O'Neil. Or maybe don't.


Anyway Britney, whenever we behave badly, which is not quite as often as you, but quite often compared to, say, Reese Witherspoon, we always console ourselves by remembering there is always someone behaving even worse than us.

And you know, there ARE worse mothers, out there. Strut your vagina stuff all you like girl. Apologies are only necessary AFTER you've killed twelve people, including two of your children.

Chin up!