2016 Election May Be Cancelled Because of Evil, Prophesy Expert Says

There is no wilder Christian television program than It's Supernatural!, a bonanza of weirdness hosted by a Messianic Jew named Sid Roth. He's joined every week by a revolving cast of highly eccentric guests, most of whom have a direct hotline of one kind or another to the Lord God Almighty. This week, Roth sat down with California-based evangelist Glenda Underwood Jackson, who claims to have predicted Ronald Reagan's 1981 assassination attempt, and who now warns that the 2016 elections might have to be cancelled, due to evil. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Jackson's time on Supernatural! has been—and I mean this sincerely and without snark—delightful. She shared some incredible stories from her life, all reenacted with the help of some very enthusiastic and expressive actors: Tales about her great aunt, also a prophet, who could heal people miraculously and was even known to raise the dead. The time Jackson's dad, a pastor, refused to let the doctors cut off a gangrenous finger. (Later that night, as he was preaching, the offending finger flew off, and a new one sprouted in its place.) Jackson's own anointing as a prophet, the time she predicted Reagan's shooting, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Iraq War, and, of course, the time she went to Heaven and met Jesus and Paul. (She also once took a brief and far less pleasant journey to Hell, which she says smelled like rotting flesh and featured a lot of lava burning everyone.) The shot above is a reenactment of the time an angel descended from Heaven into her living room and gave her a sword, which Jackson then used to cure her husband of a persistent case of demons.

She also has some thoughts about 2016. "If Christians don't start praying more than they ever have," she tells Roth, "this next presidential election is not going to take place. its going to be suspended because evil's going to arise and some disasters are going to happen. Some things are going to be put in place. The president's not going to be removed. He's going to stay in. These things are going to happen and they're going to be very bad if we don't get ahold of God."

Jackson also predicts some "horrible times," with earthquakes and general unrest. She doesn't seem that fussed about it, though, and is offering a book and 3-CD set to help the rest of us sinners get through the worst of it.

Image via Supernatural!.

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