2010 Is The Summer Of The Mullet

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Between Macgruber's party in the back, Gerard Butler's retro-tail, Die Antwoord's hipster cred, and Iran's ban, we're thinking that this summer will be defined by a haircut near and dear to hearts 'round the world.

In truth, the camp staple has been a pop-cultural phenomenon since ancient times, and has never gone out of vogue in large portions of the Globe. But rarely before has the 'do achieved the prominence of recent months, political, cultural, and philosophical. A brief timeline of the mullet's progress, summer 2010:

May 21st: MacGruber Opens.
The SNL sketch-turned-feature opens to mixed reviews, is described by the New York Post as "a throbbing flameball of unfunny." The film earns a total of $8,460,995 by the end of its third weekend, realizes the fourth biggest third week drop in movie history, shrinking 93% from 2546 to 177 theaters. Title character sports exaggerated mullet.

2010 Is The Summer Of The Mullet

July 6th: Iran bans the mullet.
Along with other "decadent Western cuts," the mullet is prohibited; men found sporting it will henceforth be shorn, while barbers who give the cut risk being shut down.

All Summer: Die Antwoord Goes Viral.
Die Antwoord, the possibly performance-art-tinged South African "zef rap" crew becomes an obsession with hipsters across the globe, are chosen to open for M.I.A. Singer Yo-Landi Visser sports boldly radical neo-rock-mullet; so far, has spawned no imitators.

July 12: Street Hawk DVD Released.
The little-watched 1985 sitcom features a mulleted George Clooney.

July 12: Image Appears of Gerard Butler Sporting Mullet.
Gerard Butler, snapped on the set of Machine Gun Preacher, plays Sam Childers, a biker-turned-human-rights-activist. Childers apparently sports lush, pompadour-esque mullet.

2010 Is The Summer Of The Mullet

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Erin Gloria Ryan

I hope next summer's the summer of the perfectly maintained bowl cut.