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In honor of 20 years of Conan, Team Coco has posted a blooper reel (or fail compilation for the youths) highlighting the silliest moments of what is arguably the silliest late night show. Seriously, watch at your own risk. Sides will split. Knees will slapped. A-s will be L-ed the F O. And for some reason, it will only be available through November 15, so get your lulz in while you can.


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I remember when Conan first was on the air— it was so awkward, so unusual, and so different from the other shows in its time slot. Critical response was so negative, and it was a miracle he made it past the first season.

One of the funniest moments on the show for me was when he pointed out that some actress had an impressive educational background (I think Yale or Princeton), and she responded with, "But you went to Harvard!" He looked dead into the camera and said, "Yes. Harvard Driving School!" Stupid, sure, but his delivery and self-deprecation really worked for me. I don't watch his show as often as I used to, but I never turn down clips and episodes when I have time.

So, here's to 20 years, and 20 years more!