20-Year-Old Witch Makes Matt Lauer Cry

Tyler Henry, the 20-year-old star of Hollywood Medium, recently sat in a room with NBC’s Matt Lauer and contacted his dead father—or so he says! As someone who thinks Henry is a con artist who preys on—no, exploits!—the grief-stricken, I believe he just sat in a room with NBC’s Matt Lauer and put on a performance that wouldn’t even have been good enough for a People’s Choice nomination.


In a video from Today, Henry tells Lauer he’s communicating with someone who has a “fatherly kind of essence.” Who could it possibly be! “I’m definitely getting a reference to a progressive decline in health,” he says, hoping we believe he didn’t Google “Matt Lauer father death” before the reading. Henry goes on to talk about a coin collection and a bird and fishing and all of that is supposed to make us believe he’s the real deal so that we buy his book and watch his show, but that won’t work on me!

It did, however, work on Matt Lauer.

“It lasted for more than an hour, and there were times...when my hands were shaking...because the things he was saying were so spot on,” Lauer tells his coworkers. “I got home, I cried. I did plenty of crying when I got home.”

Don’t believe his lies, Matt! Don’t believe his lies!

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