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17 Year Old Girl Sues, Changes School Policy, And Will Wear Her Tuxedo To Prom

Illustration for article titled 17 Year Old Girl Sues, Changes School Policy, And Will Wear Her Tuxedo To Prom

A 17-year-old lesbian in Lebanon, Indiana was all set to go to prom until her principal informed her that the dress code restricted girls from wearing tuxedos, forcing them to wear gowns instead.


The girl, who is not identified due to her age, decided to fight back, suing the school with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, on the grounds that the school's restrictive dress code was a case of gender discrimination and a denial of the girl's right to free speech. At first, the school attempted to placate the girl by discussing pantsuit options, but that was soon dismissed, as school officials reversed their dress code standards just four days after the suit was filed, releasing this statement: "School policy for this year's prom will be that all attendees shall wear appropriate formal attire with no gender-based attire requirements imposed. Female students will be permitted to wear tuxedos if they choose."

Girl Sues After School Says She Can't Wear Tux To Prom [TheIndyChannel]
School: Girl Will Be Able To Wear Tux To Prom [TheIndyChannel]

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AvocadoGills: purveyor of kinky fish porn

I'm curious - why is it at all important to the story that she's a lesbian? Are non-straight people the only ones allowed to break traditional gender roles? Would the story have been different were she straight?

That's not a dig at you, Hortense, I'm just curious why it came up in the original report.