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17 Year Old Girl Receives Two Life Sentences For Killing Family

Illustration for article titled 17 Year Old Girl Receives Two Life Sentences For Killing Family

17-year old Erin Caffey of Emory, Texas was sentenced to two life terms, with the possibility of parole in 2051, after striking a plea deal in the murders of her mother and two brothers.


Caffey, her 19 year old boyfriend, Charlie James Wilkinson, and two others were charged with the planning and execution of a crime that left Caffey's mother, Penny, and her two brothers, Matthew, 13 and Tyler, 8, dead of multiple stab and gunshot wounds. Caffey's father, Terry, was shot five times, but somehow managed to escape, even as Wilkinson and company set fire to the family home.

Caffey was not present during the actual murder; she and a friend, Bobbi Gale Johnson (who received 40 years for her role), waited in a car parked nearby while her boyfriend and two others went on their gruesome rampage. Caffey was upset with her parents because they didn't like Wilkinson, and the group plotted the murders as a result.


Caffey's plea deal allows the teen to avoid being tried in an adult court. "I think it was a just sentence," says defense attorney William McDowell, "Everyone is pleased with it."

Erin Caffey, 17, Gets 2 Life Terms In Family Deaths [HuffingtonPost]

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There is a similar case in Canada, only the boyfriend was 23 and the girl was 12 at the time. The BF killed her parents while she slit her 8 year old brother's throat. I'm a news junky but it was a very hard case to read about. There was 41 stab wounds between the parents. He was charged to three life terms with no chance of parole for 25 years.


She is known only as JR because of the young offenders act here. She has a max sentence of 10 years, served in a psych ward. Canada, eh?