Little Kardashian Kendall Jenner has been slowly building her modeling book — she turned up in Forever 21 ads at age 13, worked for Nordstrom's web site at 14, and controversially walked the runway (despite an officially encouraged, but voluntary, ban on models under 16) for a designer called Sherri Hill at age 15. In between, magazines like Star and Teen Vogue ran stories about her "street style."

Now, Kendall Jenner has booked an actual editorial in an actual magazine. It has rainbows and cartoon deer in it! That the magazine, Lovecat, is one that specializes in showcasing models, not actors, and not other celebrities is a validation of Jenner's, and no doubt her agents', diligent efforts to wave away the tacky Kardashian stench and give this tall teenager a shot at a real modeling career. And all of the glamorous riding public transportation to go-sees, fulfilling nights of standing stock-still in a presentation lineup so rich clients and editors can get a better look at your clothes, and lavish 18-hour days of back-to-back fit-to-confirms for non-paying runway gigs that entails! Kidding, kidding. Jenner will be treated much better than the average new face model. But it is kind of creepy, given she turned 16 last month, that Lovecat is billing this shoot as the "KENDALL JENNER SEXY SHOOT." Click to enlarge. It's not that sexy.

Jenner, to judge by the accompanying Q&A, is incapable of using fewer than four exclamation marks per sentence. She loves "riding horses and going to the beach when it's hot out!!! Hahaha!" And also, "Unbreakable by Khloe & Lamar…duhh!!!!" Kris has this one trained well.

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