127 Arrested During Protests at North Dakota Pipeline Over the Weekend

More than a thousand people gather at an encampment near North Dakota’s Standing Rock Sioux reservation, September 2016. Photo via AP.

The Associated Press is reporting that at least 127 people were arrested over the weekend during ongoing protests against the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota. Police also shot at a drone that they said was approaching a law enforcement helicopter in “a threatening manner.”

The 127 people were arrested during a Saturday demonstration, with KCCI reporting they face charges including reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, engaging in a riot, assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest. Police said 300 people trespassed on private property three miles off the highway, near the pipeline right of way. The protesters said they were engaged in a peaceful demonstration when police Maced them and threw people to the ground.


At least 260 people have been arrested since the demonstrations against the pipeline began this summer. Democracy Now! reported last week that police are strip searching protesters arrested on misdemeanor charges which, while legal, is uncommon.

The day after the 127 arrests, police shot at a drone demonstrators were using to monitor the protests and document encounters between them and the police. In a statement, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department said the drone got too close to the police helicopter, causing the officers onboard to “fear for their lives.”

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